RFID Wristband Instructions

What is RFID wristbands?

One of the hot new things in the event planning industry is RFID wristbands. RFID stands for radio frequency identification. The way this works is that they’ve got electronic chips (aso called tags) inside them that let you collect and track data

Possible Benefits:
a. Eliminate fraud, fake wristbands, pass-backs and touting
b. Cut costs by reducing staff numbers
c. Dramatically reduce queuing times
d. Gain real-time, zone-specific attendance figures

Target Application

Festival & Concerts/ Nightclubs, Bars & Parties
Charities & Fundraising /Exhibitions, Conferences
Leisure & Attractions /Venues & Arenas
County Shows & Fairs / Cashless Paymens
Social Media Integration /Access Control

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