Hospital Thermal Wristbands

  • Adhesive Medical ID Wristbands-ZT10
  • Adhesive Medical ID Wristbands-ZT10
  • Adhesive Medical ID Wristbands-ZT10
  • Adhesive Medical ID Wristbands-ZT10
  • Adhesive Medical ID Wristbands-ZT10
Adhesive Medical ID Wristbands-ZT10Adhesive Medical ID Wristbands-ZT10Adhesive Medical ID Wristbands-ZT10Adhesive Medical ID Wristbands-ZT10Adhesive Medical ID Wristbands-ZT10

Adhesive Medical ID Wristbands-ZT10

  • Advantage: waterproof / tearproof / abrasion resistant
  • Printing: direct thermal printing
  • ID Solution
  • For wholesale
  • Product description: Direct thermal medical ID wristband adhesive closure!

Founded in 2007,Guangzhou Aide Medical Technology Co., Ltd is the premier manufacturer of  patient id wristbands in China.

Youre carefully planning hardware and software, but dont forget that your Patient Identification Wristband choice is just as important. No matter the software and printers you use, Aide Healthcare has the largest selection of compatible Thermal Printable Wristbands that outperform the competition for durability, scan rates, printing performance, comfort, and security.

Thermal wristbands can be imprinted within a wide range of print head temperatures, without compromising the quality of the imprint. This meets the needs of hospitals that use a variety of printers. Additionally, the thermal  surface provides maximum resistance to light, moisture, and the common health care environment solvents; ensuring the integrity of the patient data and bar code during the full duration of the patients hospital stay.

Aide Thermal Wristbands are constructed of a strong, latex-free, phthalate-free, non-irritating material and feature an antimicrobial additive that protects the wristband surface against tested non-pathogenic bacteria.

Product Version

Product Description

Item Patient ID Thermal Wristband
Material Direct Thermal Synthetic Paper
Closure Type Adhesive Closure
Application Adult Children Infant
Model Number ZT10 ZT10C ZT10B
Whole piece 275×26 mm 222×20 mm 170×20 mm
Information area 140×26 mm 80×20 mm 70×20 mm
Color Orange stripe, Green stripe, Pink stripes, Blue  stripes or other Pantone colors
Printing Texts, image, graphics, bar codes, QR code
Packing details 200pcs/roll 1200pcs/box 12000pcs/carton
Delivery By sea By air cargo By Express
Usage Patient identification, hospital id wristbands, medical bracelts
Characteristics 1.Strong waterproof and alcohol/blood/liquid soap resistant,Tear ressistant
2.Anti-bacterial/anti-microbial, disposable/one time use only
3.Latex-free, non-irritating material, comfortable for users
Why use Patient ID Wristband 1. Prevent medical errors by making accurate and reliable information readily available at the point-of-care.
2. Barcode wristbands have been proven effective to provide proper patient care.

Product Advantages & Benefits

Direct thermal printing, eco-friendly and safe for people.

Water-proof ,tamper proof with strong adhesive closure.

Durable, light weight and soft enough for wearing.

Anti-bacterial additive protects wristband surface against tested non-pathogenic bacterium.

Appearance design patent, provides the best imprint surface quality.

Support printing texts, barcode, ID photos, graphics etc.

Available Printers

Aide-AD-P30, Zebra 888-TT, GX430t,BTP-L525(U), TSC TDP-225 and other common bar code thermal printers

How to use?


Series ZT10 is workable for the patient who stay on the hospital is 15 days, and it is our best seller product.

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