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  • Medical wristbands: Digital Medical Era

    Release Time:2016/03/09Views:539

    WHEN Cyclone Yasi loomed off the Far Northern coastline in February 2011, patients and staff were forced out of Cairns Hospital in the largest peacetime evacuation of a hospital in Queensland histo...

  • Tyvek Paper Wristbands

    Release Time:2016/03/09Views:242

    Whether you’re running a sporting event or hosting a VIP soiree, custom tyvek wristbands are the fastest, cheapest, and simplest way to manage your admissions. All of myZone’s printed tyvek event w...

  • Why Wristbands Are Popular?

    Release Time:2016/03/09Views:205

    Wristbands have become one among the most versatile and comprehensive man made creations. Though originally they were developed to serve a purpose as just as any other fashionable accessories, surp...

  • Hospital id wristbands

    Release Time:2016/03/09Views:173

    Hospital wristbands are a commonly used safety device for identifying patients undergoing medical care (see patient safety and medical identification tag). Available in a variety of sizes to accomm...

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